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The Exhibition

Before this website, there was a book, and before the book there was an exhibition

The Muslim Cameleers exhibition opened at the South Australian Museum in 2007 and has been so successful that five years later it is still touring. It has been shown at six Australian venues and during October 2011 – January 2012 it has been exhibited at the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition arose initially from a concept put forward by Dr Anna Kenny, an anthropologist who had become familiar with the history of the Muslim cameleers through her work in Alice Springs and Central Australia. She suggested the idea to Dr Philip Jones at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide and after a successful grant application to Visions Australia, the exhibition and book were developed.

South Australian Museum, Adelaide, S.A.
9 June – 22 July 2007

‘Exhibitions like Australia’s Muslim Cameleers encourage us to explore those spaces in between the better known histories that usually inform our national story, identity and communal memory….’ more

‘It is a sobering fact that until preparations for the ‘Muslim Cameleers’ exhibition at the South Australian Museum began in 2005, no Australian museum had directed its collecting efforts to material culture or documents relating to the cameleers….’ more

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, NSW
14 Sept 2007 – 21 Oct 2007

National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT
13 Dec 2007 – 17 Feb 2008

‘An exhibition recording the contribution of Muslim cameleers to Australia’s history will open tomorrow at the National Library in Canberra…’ more

‘This travelling exhibition from the South Australian Museum allows visitors to gain an appreciation – through photographs, camel saddles, historic clothing, textiles and original documents – of a distinctive and largely forgotten way of life. It has been co-curated by Anna Kenny and Dr Philip Jones….’ more

‘Almost-forgotten pioneers helped shape an alien land of plenty…’ more

Albury Library Museum, NSW
31 Oct 2008 – 14 Dec 2008

‘Albury’s new library-museum has booked an unusual exhibition for 2008 about the Muslim contribution to Australia….’ more

Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs, NT
1 Mar 2009 – 12 Apr 2009

‘A new exhibition at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs explores the impact and contribution of Australia’s Muslim Cameleers throughout inland Australia including the Centre…’ more

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, SA
25 Apr 2009 – 28 Jun 2009

‘Highlights include Australia’s Muslim Cameleers: Pioneers of the Inland 1860-1930 exhibition at the Regional Art Gallery. Afghan and Middle Eastern music and songs from Adelaide group The Silk Road. Camel rides and camels adorned in the Afghan style on the Foreshore lawn…’ more

Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Vic
26 Feb 2010 – 19 Sept 2010

‘From the 1860s to the 1920s, an estimated 20,000 camels and more than 2000 cameleers – men skilled in handling them – were shipped to Australia from Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to a new exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne….’ more

‘Photos, artefacts, clothing, paintings and archive interviews in the exhibition paint a picture of their lives….’ more

‘The idea for the current exhibition came from non-Muslim researchers. Many of the descendants rallied behind the organisers,willing to part (temporarily at least) with their precious family heirlooms: prayer mats, photographs, costumes and camel regalia….’ more (pdf)

Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
21 Oct 2011 – 21 Jan 2012

‘This exhibition is a tribute to Australia’s ‘Afghan’ cameleers’ revolutionary history, displaying artefacts that show the harshness of their lives, the complexity of their relationships and the importance of their faith….’ more

‘Mr Kupa said the High Commission was proud to support this high quality exhibition through its cultural affairs program. “I am also pleased that the Australia-Malaysia Institute was able to provide significant support to the exhibition,” he added….’ more

‘The exhibition, which originally toured in Australia, is a wonderful tribute to the thousands of Muslim pioneers who left their countries to help create a new one….’ more

‘The IAMM is the first museum outside Australia to host the fascinating exhibition. This exhibition offers a rare insight into the intriguing but largely unknown story of human endeavour in the Australian outback and the important contribution the cameleers made to Australian multiculturalism….’ more

The Book

Australia's Muslim Cameleers
Here is a link to Wakefield Press’s website, where you can order the book of the exhibition:

‘A scholarly evaluation of the contribution made by the cameleers between their arrival in the 1860s and their virtual disappearance in the 1930s.’
- Media/Culture Reviews

Links to selected reviews of the book:

‘Philip Jones and Anna Kenny’s book Australia’s Muslim Cameleers is a tribute to these forgotten people….’ more

Review by Jane Simpson in the journal, Aboriginal History

‘The book answers such questions as where the cameleers came from, who invited them here, which European explorers they travelled with, what the nitty-gritty aspects of their lives in nineteenth and twentieth century Australia were, how the cameleers interacted with aboriginal people, and what their representation in the Australian psyche was and how that focus of support shifted with the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 and the outbreak of war in 1914….’ more

‘This superbly illustrated book brings to life the vital role that Muslim cameleers from Afghanistan and British India played in pioneering transport and communication routes across outback Australia’s vast expanses….’ more

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