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  • zorah bebe akbar wrote:January 30, 2015

    Feisal Din (Fazal Dean) was my grandfather. He was born in Mehran in India. He had 4 sons and 2 daughters. All joined him in Australia. After the second world war the gold battery was closed and he moved to Brisbane, where he and his sons owned and ran numerous hotels and boarding houses. Both in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. He also owned a furniture manufacturing business with his sons. Please refer to his biography under the correct spelling of Fazal Deen.

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  • Penny Todd wrote:November 25, 2014

    The man in this picture with a camel at Alice Springs is not Gool Mahomed, but Salley Mahomet,eldest son of Gool Mahomet of Farina . Sallay was born in Coolgardi WA and lived the latter part of his life in Alice making camel saddles and harness. page id 221.

  • Penny Todd wrote:November 24, 2014

    Just opened the biography of Gul Muhammad and the photo is my husbands Grandfather know always as Gool Mahomet,and have not found him on your list.He signed his name on his marriage certificate and receipts as Gool Mahomet, and all findings of him in West Australia were Gool Mahomet. He was married in Coolgardi 3/1907 in the Mosque then back to Pt Augusta and had a civil ceremony on the 17/8/1907.
    We have him as DOB 1865 coming to Australia 1889/1901 no confirmation yet. He was not in Mt Morgans as far as we can find only Broken Hill area. He contributed to the Adelaide Mosque but not Perth’s. in 1911/12 he took up a garden at Bummers Creek Afghan Settlement via Leonora for approx 6 years. One son was born at Laverton, a daughter at Bummers Creek then moved to Perth where another daughter was born, they then moved to SA. Another son was born at Olary on station and a daughter in Broken hill.
    We are missing a few years of their life but will keep looking to complete the family tree. Hope this is of some help.

  • Laurenza Butcher wrote:October 16, 2014

    I am a teacher and wanted to congratulate you on such a beautiful website that engages my students in the rich history of Australia and its identity. These people provided us with so much and were such hard workers. The photographs, maps and information are an incredible resource to bring this period of our history to life. It is interesting to read the biographies and also the comments as it brings the concept of ancestry and identity together very well.

  • ayah wrote:September 12, 2014

    could the camels adapt to the climate in Australia?

  • Kaye Armstrong wrote:August 29, 2014

    Bahruddin Moodasser
    Birth date – 15 March 1868
    Karachi Sind Pakistan
    Married – Clara Ellen Window
    1917 – Leonora WA
    Died – 27 September 1953 at sea on SS Himalaya

  • Lucy Pearce wrote:August 12, 2014

    George Shergool is my great-great grandfather. I am currently researching him. The note where it says he has no Australia descendants is incorrect- as he had 1 daughter who also went to the hospital with him when he had inflammation of the lungs. She had Typhoid fever but she had survived, and is my great grandmother.

  • Carol Gorst wrote:July 6, 2014

    My great grandfather is Meer Mahomet Khan. I am wanting to trace any information related to him. Know he was married to Barbara and was the father of Thora (my grandmother). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Colin Cameron wrote:July 1, 2014

    There is an “Afghan” grave and headstone in the old Sir Samuel cemetery in Western Australia. It is in the name of Muhamad Ali and was erected by his brother Aziz Dean. There are two different “arabic” scripts engraved on the stone which is dated 1910. There seems to be no record of this person in the West Australian Births / Deaths / Marriages records. Does anybody know of him ?

  • HB wrote:June 14, 2014

    Hello All concerned.

    Fakir Shah has at least 15 descendants that are alive in australia. he had a daughter that married Robert James Ward, please update

  • kevin Benson wrote:May 10, 2014

    After the passing of my mum in Alice Spring about 5 years ago we have been found that Said Abdul Hassan is my great grand father. i would love to here from anyone how can help me with more input thanks

  • khan wrote:April 27, 2014

    My great grandfather Moosa Khan lived in Broken hill in the camel camps in the early 1900s. Moosa Khan was from Campbellpore which is the same village where Moaz and Akbar Khan came from. My great grandfather purchased land in 1911. I have quiet a lot of information about him.

  • Yvonne Sultan wrote:April 2, 2014

    This man is my Great Grandfather & my Grandfather was Abdul Guffa his son was Raymond Sultan. The other man mentioned in here Eric Sultan is my Uncle.
    I’m just so overwhelmed that I found this book as their are others books but sadly not many, & of these few books so far this is the only one that names my Great Grandfather.
    I would love to buy a copy of this book but I’m not sure where I would go, can you help me?.
    Sincerely Yvonne Sultan
    “The proud great Granddaughter of Sultan Raz”!!!

  • william bejah wrote:January 27, 2014

    the man loading the camel is not my dad Jack Bejah but Andrew Debarney nicknamed Squeaky Andrew

  • Sylvia haggis wrote:January 10, 2014

    I arrived in millicent sa in 1964 and i remember seeing an afghan hawker go past my house on mt.gambier rd (princes highway) on i think 2 pccasions. My memory,is that he came round every year. I used to remember his name but alas it has gone from my memory ……..

  • Khan wrote:January 2, 2014

    This was my great grandfather

    moaz khan afghan cameleer

  • Imran wrote:December 28, 2013

    Afghan, Bungish. Draper. Lived in Perth, W.A., 1906. Contributed to costs of Perth mosque (Musakhan 1932, pp. 19-22).

    hi he was my grandfather, i was wondering,if anyone has his pictures or any kind of information about him kindly contact me please.

  • Patricia wrote:December 16, 2013

    Hello, this is a long over due resource needed in this country. I am an Aboriginal researcher of family history and am interested in the Murchison region. I understand that this person had worked in the district. Is anyone able to answer exactly what station within the Murchison district this man worked at.

  • syed khan wrote:December 2, 2013

    Hi,hope you are doing well. I was just curious about where do the Pashtun cameleers reside now? i would like to meet with them if possible. I am pashtun too residing in Adelaide, South Australia.
    Thank You

  • Sohail Ansari wrote:November 17, 2013

    Thanks Keith Bolitho for your comments on 21 02 2012 about Dost Muhammed Baluch. I am researching on Karachi and cameleers to Australia thereform. Your grandfather seem to have been from Lyari part of Karachi. It will be very helpful if you could please shed more light on him and his connections with Karachi. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  • Sohail Ansari wrote:November 17, 2013

    The history of the cameleers is fascinating. I have a particular interest with the history of Karachi and it seems the initial trade link between Karachi and Australia.

    One of those cameleers was DOST MOHAMMAD (DOST MUHAMMAD BELOOCH)/Dost Muhammad Belooch who hailed from Lyari part of Karachi. However I am a little uncertain about his certificate exempting from dictation test (book no 223 and cert no 041). The dates recorded in this certificate are for the years 1918 and 1919 whereas the man is known to have been killed in 1909. I do not understand the discrepancy of those dates. May be someone can explain this. I will be very grateful for any further information on the subject and particularly in context with Karachi and the gentleman I have mentioned here.

  • Roseanne Cummings wrote:October 23, 2013

    Nazmeena Cimmings is Said Mulladad’s daughter
    not his grand-daughter.

    Please post this comment. I have corrected a spelling error.

  • Marie Curtis wrote:October 22, 2013

    I knew a Miss Mahomet (not sure of exact spelling) who lived in Grenfell NSW in the 50′s and 60′s. She was in her 20′s or thereabouts. Her father was known as Sher Mahomet (Mohammed ?) I believe the family had lived in that area for some time. Perhaps this might be of some use ?

  • marisa matteucci wrote:July 31, 2013

    his wife is my grandfathers sister ruby rita stuart, she had sister Barbara and Agness

  • marisa matteucci wrote:July 28, 2013

    my grandfathers name is James wylie stuart from flinders rangers/ coondambo, he had sisters Ruby, Barbara, Agness.
    Peer Mahomet married Ruby, , Barbara married Meer Kahn and Agness married John mahomet, all gools children.. if any one has any further information to share I would be so greatfull,, I currently doing out family tree and missing many links if you would be kind to help.

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