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Arrival to Australia:
Origin by Place:
Origin by Ethnicity:
Origin by Religion:
Known Localities in Australia:
Employment & Occupation:

see also Mullah Fateh Bux

Origin by Place:Lahore
Origin by Ethnicity:Punjab
Origin by Religion:Muslim
Visited Homeland:Yes
Australian Descendants:No


(b. 1857), Punjabi, from Lahore. Draper. Lived at 74 Aberdeen St, Perth, W.A., 1906. Attended opening of Perth mosque, 13 Nov. 1905. Contributed to mosque's costs. Returned home, 1909-1912 (Musakhan 1932, pp. 19-22, 28). Plaintiff in 1899 court case claiming expenses for shipment of 36 camels from Karachi to Fremantle from other cameleers, including KAIRDEEN (= KHAIR DEEN), AMEER BUX, MUHAMMAD BUX (BAKHSH). Counterclaim made by AMEER BUX, together with FAIZ BUX, MUHAMMAD BUX, ABULLARAHMAN and AHMED BUX in complex case, eventually arbitrated by HASSAN MUSA KHAN and HAFIZ MUHAMMAD HAYAT (West Australian 22 Apr 1899, p.3)

Employment & Occupation
  • Cameleer
  • Draper
Known Localities in Australia References

Musakhan 1932, pp. 19-22, 28; West Australian 22 Apr 1899, p.3

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