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Arrival to Australia:
Origin by Place:
Origin by Ethnicity:
Origin by Religion:
Known Localities in Australia:
Employment & Occupation:

see also Mormin Khan; Norm Khan

Origin by Place:Australia
Origin by Ethnicity:Australian born
Origin by Religion:Assumed to be Muslim
Australian Descendants:No


b. Pt Augusta, S.A. One of MULLAH HASSIM KHAN's sons. Hawker and cameleer in S.A. and western Qld. In 1927 owned 10 camels at Marree, S.A. and was among signatories to 1927 petition against introduction of camel licence fees (S.A. Dept of Lands docket, 1927/840). Married MOOSHA BALOOCH's daughter ZAINAB KHAN. Worked on the railway for 30 years. 'Norm' and 'Zainie' operated a general store in Marree, S.A. (Stevens 1989; Fuller 1975).

Employment & Occupation
  • Camel owner
  • Cameleer
  • Hawker
  • Railway worker
  • Storekeeper
Known Localities in Australia References

S.A. Dept of Lands docket, 1927/840; Stevens 1989; Fuller 1975

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