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Arrival to Australia:
Origin by Place:
Origin by Ethnicity:
Origin by Religion:
Known Localities in Australia:
Employment & Occupation:

see also Juma Khan

Origin by Place:Afghanistan
Origin by Ethnicity:Uncertain
Origin by Religion:Assumed to be Muslim
Arrival to Australia:1890s
Died in Australia:Yes
Australian Descendants:No


(b. 1857, Afghanistan; d. 1897, Fremantle). Arrived Australia 1895. Cameleer employed by FAIZ and TAJ MUHAMMAD in Murchison and Coolgardie, W.A., engaged for three years at 15 shillings a week (West Australian 4 Mar 1897, p.2). Travelled to Fremantle, W.A., to buy a ticket to Calcutta, Dec. 1896; in a 'temporary fit of madness' (Western Australian, 4 Dec. 1896, p. 5) he 'ran amok', fetched an axe from a butcher shop, killed an innocent passer-by on the High St, Fremantle, W.A., and wounded another. He was sentenced to death and hanged on 31 Mar. 1897 (Fox 1995). While under sentence confided in AZAM KHAN (also a prisoner in Fremantle Gaol) that he had killed his wife in India, and that he had one daughter and two brothers living in Peshawar. Had no friends in W.A., and was buried in unconsecrated ground (West Australian 31 Mar. 1897, p.5).

Employment & Occupation Known Localities in Australia References

West Australian 4 Mar 1897, p.2; Western Australian, 4 Dec. 1896, p. 5; Fox 1995; West Australian 31 Mar. 1897, p.5

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