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Arrival to Australia:
Origin by Place:
Origin by Ethnicity:
Origin by Religion:
Known Localities in Australia:
Employment & Occupation:


Origin by Place:Uncertain
Origin by Ethnicity:Punjab
Origin by Religion:Muslim
Australian Descendants:No


Punjabi. Proprietor of the 'Busy Bee' drapery in Perth, W.A., 1905. With FAIZ MUHAMMAD performed the opening ceremony for the Perth mosque on 13 Nov 1905. Contributed to costs of Perth mosque (Musakhan 1932, pp. 19-22, 28, 32; Schinasi 1980, p. 23; Stevens 1989, p. 124). Assistant to Mullah MIRZAH KHAN at funeral of GHULAM MUHAMMAD following his execution for murder of TAJ MUHAMMAD (West Australian 4 May 1896, p.2). Officiated at the funeral of TAJ MUHAMMAD in May 1896, together with MIRZA KHAN (West Australian 4 May 1896, p.2). An earlier letter to the editor described HAFIZ MUHAMMAD HYATH as 'a young and devout Musulman of considerable ability', qualified to solemnize marriages (had done so in Victoria, also), as confirmed in W.A. Government Gazette, 19 April 1895 (West Australian 21 Mar. 1896, p.3). Probably the same MUHAMMAD HYATT who described himself as 'Mahommedan priest' in a Perth court case, 1897, charged with importing labour without having entered into contracts (under Imported Labour Registry Act, W.A.). Complainants were NAWAH KHAN, NAWAB KHAN, GHULAM MUHAMMAD, FAID BUX, FATTA BUX, PATTA (= FATTA) DEAN, KANDAH BUX, KAREEN BUX, KARAM KHAN, MOLLAH BUX, MUHAMMAD KHAN, PATTA (= FATTA) KHAN. According to complaint MUHAMMAD HYATT recruited the men near Lahore, obtained money from them for their passages to W.A., then abandoned them at West Perth. This was denied by MUHAMMAD HYATT, case dismissed (West Australian 19 June 1897, p.7). Appointed as arbitrator in an 1899 court case (West Australian 22 Apr 1899, p.3) involving camel importation.

Employment & Occupation
  • Cameleer
  • Proprietor
Known Localities in Australia References

Musakhan 1932, pp. 19-22, 28, 32; Schinasi 1980, p. 23; Stevens 1989, p. 124; West Australian 4 May 1896, p.2; West Australian 4 May 1896, p.2; West Australian 21 Mar. 1896, p.3; West Australian 19 June 1897, p.7; West Australian 22 Apr 1899, p.3

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