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Arrival to Australia:
Origin by Place:
Origin by Ethnicity:
Origin by Religion:
Known Localities in Australia:
Employment & Occupation:


Origin by Place:Uncertain
Origin by Ethnicity:Uncertain
Origin by Religion:Assumed to be Muslim
Australian Descendants:No


Camel owner, Coolgardie. Apparently imported three camels from India on behalf of GHULAM HYDER, but was sued by latter for refusing to hand them over. ESAJIE ALI BHOY maintained that camels were for his own firm, owned by himself and his brothers. FAIZ MUHAMMAD's testimony supported him, indicating that Indian firm of Essanges Bros. had no record that camels were bought by AMIR DIN on behalf of GHULAM HYDER (West Australian 1 Oct 1897, p.5).

Employment & Occupation
  • Camel owner
  • Cameleer
Known Localities in Australia References

West Australian 1 Oct 1897, p.5

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