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Arrival to Australia:
Origin by Place:
Origin by Ethnicity:
Origin by Religion:
Known Localities in Australia:
Employment & Occupation:


Origin by Place:Peshin
Origin by Ethnicity:Uncertain
Origin by Religion:Assumed to be Muslim
Died in Australia:Yes
Australian Descendants:No


(b. Pisheen; d. 1940s in Marree, S.A.). Cameleer, hawker. Came to Australia 'with old SAIDALL', 1902. First worked in Mildura, Vic. Married MAY HUMPHRIES (born in Madras, of English father and Indian mother) in Broken Hill. Then went to Oodnadatta, S.A., c. 1910, to work with his camels until the line came to Alice Springs, N.T. In a 1924 interview he expressed great optimism about the camel business, believing that the extension of the railway line would generate extra business (Argus 2 August 1924, p.29). He moved with the line, continued carrying until about 1935. In 1942 was living in Hutt St, Adelaide, not far from the mosque in Little Gilbert St. He died and was buried in Marree, S.A. His name is displayed on the Cameleers' Memorial, Alice Springs, N.T., unveiled in 1984 and partly instigated by his daughter NAZMEENA CUMMINGS (Blakeman 1971; Alice Springs Star, 8 Aug. 1979, p. 10; Rajkowski 1987, p. 81).

Employment & Occupation Known Localities in Australia References

Argus 2 August 1924, p.29; Blakeman 1971; Alice Springs Star, 8 Aug. 1979, p. 10; Rajkowski 1987, p. 81

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